Our Focus


Litter Education & Prevention

Beautification & Community Greening

Litter Education & Prevention

Defining litter, identifying the causes, and reducing it by organizing cleanups, and promoting proper handling of discarded waste in our communities. We love to get people passionate about combating litter in our community. 


Waste Reduction & Recycling

Beautification & Community Greening

Litter Education & Prevention

We get excited about the  3 R's: 

Recycle: Turning something old into something new and useful. 

Reuse: Repurpose items or materials. 

Reduce: Find ways to reduce energy in and around the home and find ways to reduce waste. 


Beautification & Community Greening

Beautification & Community Greening

Beautification & Community Greening

KBB works to improve the visual aspects of our communities by planting trees, and gardens throughout the parish, encourage neighborhoods to beautify and maintain their exteriors and highway and shoreline beautification. 


Give For Good

About Us

Keep Bossier Beautiful, local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, believes that each of us holds an obligation to preserve and protect our environment. Through our everyday choices and actions, we collectively have a huge impact on our world. It's really a simple concept, but one with far-reaching effects.

Our Focus

Litter Prevention
Defining litter, identifying the causes, and reducing it by organizing cleanups, and promoting proper handling of discarded waste in our communities

Waste Reduction & Recycling
Reducing the impact of solid waste in our communities through integrated programs including responsible consumerism, source reduction and reuse, recycling and education about landfills, composting and waste-to-energy

Beautification & Community Greening
Improving the visual aspects of our communities through programs that beautify and naturally clean our environment including community gardens, creating and maintaining city gateways, restoring vacant lots, highway and shoreline beautification, urban forests, native and wildflower plantings, and graffiti prevention and abatement

Honoring Our Service Men & Women
Honoring our veterans and fallen heroes both past and present through memorial ceremonies and monuments

And What We Are Doing About It
• Participating in Earth Day Activities through outreach in local elementary schools
• Awarding Regional Science Fair participants for environmental projects
• Awarding "Green" Christmas Decoration Prize
• Participating in the Great American Cleanup through trash pick up
• Planting trees on Arbor Day around Bossier
• Design and Installation of city gateways
• Hosting the 9/11 Memorial Annual Ceremony and Construction of the 9/11 Artifact Memorial
• Partnering with the Red River Cleanup, Shreveport Green and now the Bayou Chapter of The Ozark Society
• Providing general education of public regarding litter abatement and recycling

Why We Need Your Help
We would like to expand our Earth Day activities to reach more children in schools by increasing the number of activities that teach children how to preserve our natural resources and provide a deeper understanding in litter impact and abatement. By investing in Keep Bossier Beautiful, you are providing resources to educate students. In 2019, we are reaching more than 450 students - but we need to reach them all!

Each $100 donation will help us to expand our program into another school by providing items such as giveaways, incentives and general educational resources.

$100 = 1 School
$500 = 5 Schools
$1000 = 10 Schools
$5000 = 50 Schools

Your donation will help to preserve our natural resources. Thank you for considering Keep Bossier Beautiful. 

Learn More

Give For Good is a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings North Louisiana together to benefit our local nonprofits. Whether you give a little or a lot, be a part of our area’s largest day of giving. 

COVID-19 Information and Resources.


While we all navigate through these uncertain times, our thoughts and prayers are with every resident in our community. 


We want to send our appreciation to the tireless and selfless efforts of all those on the front lines fighting the COVID-19.  We THANK YOU all! 

Informational Links:

Louisiana Department of Health: 

Office of the Governor John Bell Edwards: 

City of Bossier City: 

City of Shreveport: 

Community Litter Assessment

 On February 28th, KBB members and liaisons roamed Bossier City in search of litter and debris.  

Each team rated certain areas on a scale of 1-4, 1 being minimal trash and 4 being major amounts of visible trash. 

Sad to say the teams did find litter and debris, happy to say we are working on a trash attack plan. 

Stay tuned for the results and ways you can help with spot cleanups in your area. 

KBB Earth Day Video. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The Children Shall Inherit the Earth. Teach Them Well. 


What a Productive week! Recycling Day November 15th 2019

 A BIG HUGE Congrats and great job going out to Plantation Park Elementary School and Bossier Elementary School.
These fantastic do gooders, collected their plastic milk containers last week in the spirit of Recycling Day and filled 35 gallon trash bins 14 times! 14 times ya'll for a total of 518 gallons collected.
We are so proud of our young ones learning about the importance of recycling.
Thank you Patricia Thrash and Theresa for your help and high fives going out to our own KBB members Scott Lawson for the milk container idea and Lorenzo Johnson for leading the project. Awesome Job! 

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